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Board of Directors and Governance Materials

The EBIA board is focused on supporting EBIA as it meets its mission “to prepare a diverse group of students to be successful in college and to be thoughtful, engaged citizens who are leaders and innovators in a 21st century global world.” Toward that end, the board’s goals are as follows:

  1. Ensure that the EBIA program has the financial, operational, and human, resources it needs;
  2. Provide guidance (working with the team to establish strategy and set policies), support, and professional development to the administrative team; and
  3. Make decisions that ensure that every child is able to engage in a meaningful way in the EBIA program so they gain the knowledge, experiences and self-awareness needed to successful in college and to be productive members of the community.

In support of these primary goals the EBIA board works on an ongoing basis to fortify the organization through compliance, conservative financial practices, and robust operational processes, so that every member of the EBIA community is able to reach their full potential as a student, or as a teaching/admin/operations professional.

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