School Profile

Our learning model

EBIA is a rigorous 6-12 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) school with a unique focus on the social and emotional skills students need to be leaders. Students learn to be problem solvers and strong advocates who work together and take responsibility for their own learning.

Learning Model


Students work together on long-term, “real-world” projects that combine many different subjects, and learn to present those projects using technology.


Students alternate between different learning models, including online learning, and in later grades will be self-guided.


We make and do things! EBIA is a safe place for students to explore their interests and learn the life lessons taught through practice and experimentation.

We believe in diversity

EBIA students prepare for society and the workforce by working with and appreciating those who are different from themselves in all aspects of life.


AP Capstone Program

EBIA is one of approximately 1,500 schools worldwide, and the only school in Oakland, to implement the AP CapstoneTM diploma program―an innovative program that allows students to develop skills that matter most for college success, such as research, collaboration, and communication. The program consists of two courses taken in sequence: AP® Seminar and AP ResearchTM. Developed in direct response to feedback from higher education faculty and college admission officers, AP Capstone complements the in-depth, subject-specific study of other Advanced Placement® courses and exams.

Please see the reverse side for Graduation Requirements, Grading Scale and 10th Grade PSAT Results for 2017-2018.

Linked Learning Pathway One-Pager

EBIA Graduation Requirements

In addition to the courses below students also complete 80 volunteer hours as a graduation requirement.

Graduation Requirements
ELA Math Computer Science Spanish History Science Art Fitness
ELA 9 Algebra I Computer Science I Spanish I World History Biology Visual Arts I Fitness
ELA 10 Algebra II Computer Science II Spanish II AP World History AP Environmental Science Visual Arts II
ELA 11 Geometry AP Computer Science Spanish III U.S. History Physics AP Studio Art
AP Seminar Pre-Calculus Heritage Spanish I AP U.S. History Chemistry
AP Language AP Calculus BC Student Government AP Physics
Time Requirements
4 Years 4 Years 1 Year 3 Years 3 Years 4 Years 1 Year 2 Years

EBIA Grading Scale

Our grading scale does not include a grade of “D.”

Grading Scale
100-90 89-80 79-70 69-below

10th Grade PSAT Results (2017-2018)

These results are from the Class of 2020’s Spring 2018 PSAT exam.

10th Grade PSAT Results (2017-2018)
Group Number of Test Takers Total Score (320-1520) ERW Score (160-760) Math Score (160-760)
EBIA 35 894 462 431
District 213 891 442 448
State 34,957 904 457 447
Total Group 42,755 930 470 460

After School Teams and Clubs

Dance, Drumline, Intramural Sports, Student Government, Student-led Interest Clubs, Off-Site CIF Sports (EBIA students are welcome to participate in sports at their neighbourhood Oakland Unified School district high school).