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ECHO Tutorial

ECHO – EBIA’s Learning Management System

Echo Family Portal Launch

Dear EBIA Parents,

As shared at Back to School Night, we are using a new Learning Management System called Echo, which is where student assignments, grades, and course materials are stored. It was chosen because of the transparency it creates for families around what is going on in school. After logging in, you will be able to see your student’s courses, just as they would. This mean parents can see exactly what work was submitted and when, grades, and what feedback was given to students.

We hope that this system will help families support their student even better, and help foster conversations between students, families, and teachers about what is going on in class.

Logging In to Echo

To log into Echo, you must have a username and a password.

The first time you log in, use the following:

Username: the contact email address on file with EBIA

Password: Provided in email sent out on Aug. 27th or email EBIA at (you can change your password once you log in)

Contact: if you are unsure of which email to use for login.

To log in to Echo:
In the upper right corner, click the 3 dots in the blue bar

Choose “Use application Login”

then enter your username and password and click “Login”

Basic Navigation

After login, you will be asked to “choose a student to observe”. You are seeing Echo almost exactly like your student sees Echo. Some things to notice …

  • On the left side of the window is a list containing announcements and the student’s “To-do” list with upcoming assignments.
  • In the main Echo workspace, you can see tiles for each course your student is enrolled in. You can open these courses by double clicking the course.
  • On the far left of the window is a grey menu bar with several icons.
  • If you have more than one student using Echo, you can switch between them using the selection button at the top right of the window.

Viewing Student Grades

To view your student’s grades, open the “Grades” tool in the left menu bar. At the top you will see a series of graphs that represent how your student is performing in 5 school-wide grading categories across all of their courses. Below that is a list of the individual courses your student is enrolled in and their grades.

By clicking on the course name in the list, you can dive deeper into your child’s performance within that course. You can see grades on individual assignments, as well as any feedback left by the teacher on the assignment.

Opening Courses

To see what is happening in your child’s courses, open the course by double clicking on the course card in the main page. This view allows you to see the daily agenda, what assignments are on your student’s to-do list and the course syllabus of activities and any assignments that are coming up.

Tip: To quickly switch between courses, use the drop down navigation button on the top menu bar.

Need Additional Help?

If you have questions, you can see more detailed documentation in the Echo Help Center by clicking the Help button at the top right corner of the menu bar (the question mark).

You can also check out these parent resources in the Echo Help Center.

Upper School – 3800 Mountain Blvd, Oakland, CA 94618 Lower School – 3400 Malcolm Ave, Oakland CA 94605, 510-577-9557