Social and Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program

In order to best prepare students to be citizens of a 21st century interconnected world, they will have to be proficient in both academic skills and content, as well as the social-emotional skills of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

EBIA recognises that the development of student’s social and emotional skills are as important to their future success and happiness as their academic skills. EBIA graduates will need both sets of skills to be able to truly thrive. As such, SEL skills will be woven into almost every aspect of life at EBIA. EBIA will approach the development of social-emotional skills, using both student- centred and environment-focused approaches. These skills, referred to as our Innovator Norms, include: perseverance, curiosity, kindness, respect, conscientiousness, citizenship and leadership.