EBIA seeks to transform high school learning by building on two basic principles. One, is that each student is unique - that their needs, strengths, interests, passions and sense of self are different for their peers and should be treated as such. We believe that these differences should be met and challenges through voice and choice in all aspects of education - the classes a student takes, the internships they participate in, the subject areas they can explore and on. Students will develop personalized learning plans aimed to disrupt the traditional educational models of tracking, academies and exclusion and instead support an inclusive, differentiated learning model for all students.

The second is that in order to support students with the college and career readiness skills necessary to be successful in a 21st century world, we need to provide students with learning experiences outside of the traditional walls of the classroom. A reciprocal relationship must exist between the community at large and the learning experience of students. By partnering with community businesses and organizations, by providing opportunities for travel and service learning, by giving students the space to explore their own entrepreneurial endeavors, we seek to break down the barriers that have traditionally existed between schools and the “real world” and provide our students with a holistic education that truly prepares them for college and beyond.