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College and Career Readiness

At EBIA, we believe that all students have the right to be informed and prepared for their college and career decisions in the future! EBIA prepares our students to navigate that process efficiently and knowledgeably. We believe that students’ college readiness begins in the freshman year, and their awareness of post-secondary education is strengthened throughout their four years.

In collaboration with Destination College Advising Corp (DCAC), the College & Career team provides practical information in the field of career exploration and college admission through the following

  • Four Year Plan Strategies
  • Dual/ Concurrent College Enrollment
  • Freshman College & Career Seminar
  • College Wish Lists
  • College Representatives Visits
  • FInancial Aid Support
  • SAT/ ACT preparation
  • And many more
  • For more information, please contact EBIA's Director of College Readiness

Kayla Jackson

EBIA students have been admitted to and are matriculating at some of our nation's finest institutions. We take great pride in serving a variety of different learners in our community, and this is reflected in both the location and type of colleges to which our first graduating class has been admitted. Here is a short list of highlights of our students' acceptances.

22-23 School REPORT