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There are many opportunities to volunteer at EBIA. Opportunities are posted in EBIA’s weekly newsletter, in grade level newsletters from teachers and at EBIA’s SignUp Genius Page. In order to volunteer at EBIA, you must be live scan certified and have received a clear TB test within the last two years. Details list in link below. If you have any questions, please email info@eastbayia.org.

Volunteering Requirements

EBIA requires all volunteers to provide the following documentation in order to Volunteer with our students:

Documentation that your do not have active tuberculosis.

You can provide either:

  1. A clear TB test result within the last four years. A doctor/clinic note with the date of the test, result, doctor/clinic, and doctor’s signature will meet this requirement; or
  2. A TB Risk Assessment completed by a health professional within the past 4 years. Please send a copy of your test result, note, or risk assessment to info@eastbayia.org or turn a copy in to the main office. -Live Scan Certified – Live Scan Volunteer Verification – Live Scan verification is needed in order to do any volunteer jobs onsite with students (including the offsite intersession activities). Understand that this is for the protection of all our students and worth the hour of time. Live scans are performed at various locations including the Sheriff’s office and usually cost around $60. If you are unable to pay for the scan and would like to volunteer at the EBIA, please contact the office for financial support. Unfortunately, if you have done a live scan from a different organization it does not carry across to East Bay Innovation Academy. A new one must be performed, but will be valid as long as your student at EBIA. When going to get the scan done, please take this form with you – Live Scan Volunteer Form. Questions about the live scan process, please email EBIA at info@eastbayia.org.