Lower School

Welcome to the Lower School!

At EBIA, students are envisioning the future. And they do it together.

EBIA is a free public charter campus open to all students who apply. Our belief in equity means that a diverse population of students engage in a STEAM-focused education that is grounded in empathy. Students use the tools of design thinking to gain exposure to a variety of different issues and experiences through the core curriculum and intersession, all designed to help students to imagine and create their vision of a better world.

At our Lower School, our teachers cultivate mastery of the fundamentals. Teachers lead students in discovering new ideas and information through project-based learning, exploring both traditional school content and 21st century challenges and careers; and help them in honing the tools needed to be successful in those areas - building skills for collaboration, organization, and project-management. By promotion, our students have not only learned academic fundamentals, but have also learned to work alongside different kinds of people to solve real-world problems.

Features of EBIA