What is Intersession?

  • A pause in our regular academic program
  • STEAM-centered, hands on, curriculum aligned projects
  • An opportunity to engage in design thinking

Why does EBIA have Intersession?

  • To promote college and career readiness
  • To support students in engaging with their broader Oakland community
  • To provide space for students to test out activities and find their passions

Intersession occurs three times a year (Fall, Winter, and Spring) for 1-2 weeks at a time and is designed as an opportunity for students to engage in hands on learning with partner organizations while teachers are in professional development. Students partner with outside organizations to work in project groups supporting a theme: EBIA Changemakers, EBIA STEAMfest, EBIA Back to the Wilderness.

EBIA STEAMfest focuses on STEAM centered Makers Projects. Student work with professionals and educators to build and create. These projects are all about using the Innovator’s process to gain basic knowledge and then take it to the next level with student’s adding their own voice to their innovations. In Stop Motion Animation students will work on climate change videos. Last year, students won awards for their submissions to a film festival from this class. In Industrial Art students use hand crank and power tools to make individual and collective found object sculptures. Other classes include Spoken Word, Franken-bikes, Wearable Circuits, Martial Arts, Hip Hop, African Dance, and Wood Carving among others. The Makers Faire Intersession highlights EBIA’s Innovator Norms of “Curiosity” and “Perseverance.”

EBIA Back to the Wilderness is an opportunity for students to get out of the classroom and into the woods. Through a combination of camping, outdoor experiences and environmental education, students unplug and explore what it means to be an Innovator as they take a break from much of modern technology. Programs combine concepts of self discovery with the discovery process and challenges students to use all of their senses to see things they have never seen before and look deeper into the world around them. Additionally, Students look at issues of environmental stewardship, perseverance, orienteering, basic wilderness survival, and supports students preparing to transition to where they are heading next.